Tuesday, January 11, 2005


This friday my documentary CHASING THE SWAMP FOX will air on South Carolina Educational Television. Check out the feature on ETV's website at www.scetv.org. This illustration is featured prominently in all the press and it's one of the illustrations I'm LEAST proud of. Anyway,...

Yesterday, my co-producer and very good friend Wavy Davey taped a radio interview for Walter Edgar's Journal. It was quite an experience for me--I've never done anything like that before. Walter Edgar is one of South Carolina's most prominent historians if not THE most prominent historian. Our interview was really just a conversation with Davey and me and after awhile I forgot that I was even taping a radio show. Apparently I was quite animated and passionate--although I was unaware until Davey told me so. After the radio show, we traveled to Orangeburg South Carolina to tape a television program for a smaall local-access show called Orangeburg Inside Out. We'll see what happens.

I'll post more stuff about my latest forays into animation later this week. I am SLAMMMMED today and will be most of the week!

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Ward Jenkins said...

It looks to me that they chose this image because of it's simplicity and design for ads and for print. Plus, it actually is pretty cool, but I've seen the other images that you've done, and they are far more interesting than this one. What's up wit that?