Thursday, March 26, 2009


This was an image I just completed as part of a series on Grimm's fairy tales... I guess I am going to a little bit of a dark place these days--still working out some issues and trying to find a style that more reflects my personality. Really, the best thing for me is just to keep sketching--keep the pencil on the paper. Some good stuff happens, but not always. It's about patience and persistence. Funny thing though... I almost prefer the illo on the right--the less polished one. It looks more lively and has more character than the one I spent hours on. Fancy that...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay, so the first painting idea I had (the take off on the Obama "Hope" image) was a stupid idea so I jettisoned that idea in favor of this one--which I kind of love. This was a sketch that I just sort of blew up on the canvas and then pretty much just loosely roughed out with acrylics. Once I had all the colors blocked in, I went back in with pastels and then added accents. Total working time, about 4-ish hours (including the time for making coffee, talking on the phone and pulling Daily Show and Colbert up on Hulu).