Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Thanks everyone for all the comments about my Illustration Friday submission. Here is an old illustration that I think also illustrates gluttony. It was originally intended to be a poster for a Clemson University Theatre Production...

I received several inquiries as to the medium and techniques used to create the previous Gluttony Illustration. First, it's completely digital. I create most illustrations in Corel Painter these days--which is almost impossible to manage without a tablet and a stylus. First, I create a very tight sketch which I then copy onto a seperate layer. I ususally paint underneath the sketch layer with the sketch layer set to MULTIPLY so the everything but the blackline is transparent. Once the color block-in is complete I then go in and refine the image and blending and painting over the original sketch. Then it's just a process of tightening and blending and refining etc...

It really helps to have a rudimentary understanding of painting techniques and different media. Painter is pretty good at mimicking traditional media but it helps to use a little ingenuity in creating and setting different brushes etc... Anyway, I HIGHLY reccomend Corel Painter for illustrators. It's a LOT less messy than oils and there's no smell:).


Anonymous said...

Oh ho! What a gluttenous and rude-looking old fop!!
I dearly love his facial expression :)

And painter is wonderful! Though I don't use it much these days m'self, since I found photoshop CS and a variety of delightful brushes :)


Leontine said...

His hands are exquisite! And his little skull-and-crossbones spoon. Delightful.

Bombus said...

James, I really appreciate your style. It reminds me of Simon Bisley, I used to be a big Judge Dredd fan as a teen - so this takes me back a bit [listen to me, I'm 32 for goodness sake :] This man is perfectly done, excellent!

Daniƫlle [a.k.a. Bombus]

Ed said...

Wonderful. That dude's got 'tude!

Anonymous said...

Simply wonderful.


Giao said...

That is OUTSTANDING. I love an evil old fop!

And thanks for sharing your technique! It always is a great thing to learn from those who've mastered their craft!

Gnome G

Scott said...

What a cool site! I love Painter, but haven't quite had the patience to really learn it.

I'm currently in school with an eye on becoming an illustrator. I've done some animation, but like you, I find myself getting caught up in the drawing and not the whole process.

/sorry about the rambling.
//new to the whole blog thing