Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I am currently in the process of putting together a self promo card to send out to some prospective clients. The reason this illustration looks so light is because it's an underpainting I did in Photoshop. I will take the underpainting and finish it in Painter. The caption is going to read, "Tasty Illustration!"

I hate self promotion so much because it is almost a full time job in itself. The obvious soulution would be to hire a rep but even then there's no guarantee and I don't know that I am willing to pony up the money that many reps require you to pay for promotional materials and publications. Who knows? I think that I'll try and handle it myself this go round and if nothing materializes then I'll pursure hiring a rep. Anyway, y'all out there let me know what your thoughts are on either the illustration and/or the trials and tribulations of self promotion...


Jared Chapman said...

Obviously I can't speak about self promotion, but I can however, comment on this illustration. I like it. I think it looks great as is, but if you have other plans for it (i.e. Painter), then I can't wait to see that too! My dilema with self promotion is deciding what to use. When I take a look through my work, there is little that I can say that I catually like. I suppose the statement is true, you are your own worset critic.

Paula said...

Hi James,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the less-than-fun aspects of the illustration biz. I don't like doing self-promotion either. Which reminds me...I need to get out a spring postcard, too.

As much of a chore as it is, marketing is vital to any business wanting to grow. I used to keep records of contacts. I used worked hard at seeking out potential clients and sending out promo packages. I've gotten lazy the last few years, relying on my present clientele. That's a mistake I best be correcting. And soon.

Thanks for letting me blather on. I appreciate the reminder and enjoy your blog (as well as your work). Looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

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