Wednesday, March 02, 2005


This really isn't a tutorial per se but more of a way to illustrate how I create these images. Figure drawing from memory--or rather without a direct figure reference, can be daunting. Whenever possible, I always prefer drawing from a photographic or live reference. There is no substitute for directly referencing a model. The fact is, though, there aint always one available!

First, there is a wealth of references on the web for human anatomy and other visual materials. Corbis is a GREAT place to start. There are a lot of other good stock image sites out there that will be great as well but Corbis is the best. Here is another great site that has a ton of linkage as well. There is also a link to some of the Great books by Andrew Loomis. Check them out. Now ont with it.

First, I create a general gesture drawing--taking care that the figure is somewhat balanced and in proportion. I have a pretty good bit of reference photos with Rev. War reenactors but this pose is right out of my head.
I then tighten up the anatomy and create a nude figure which I will then add clothing and other accoutrements to. Here is the final blackline. As you can see, I moved the right arm a bit and made some other minor adjustments to the pose but all in all a pretty sound figure drawing. I should also add that clothing and weapon and other period reference images are critical in clothing and outfitting the figure. I will now bring the image into Painter and complete the rendering in color with the blackline image on a seperate multiply layer. I'll post more on that later.

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