Friday, September 16, 2005


I just can't resist those RAISING ARIZONA quotes!
We had our 20 week ultrasound today!!! Mandy, me, mandy's mom and her stepdad were all there for the big reveal. Of course, we were very much interested in finding out the sex--which wasn't difficult to determine once the "wee wee" popped up onscreen (Huston, we have a boy...). It was hard to miss actually. Many of our friends with children were very careful to remind us that the sex isn't always easy to see in an ultrasound. Well... Let's just say there wasn't much left to the imagination. His little pecker was just out there as plain as day. It's a boy alright!

The doctor did say that it "appears" that it's a boy--meaning, there is a chance that what is seen in an ultrasound isn't always what comes out. Confused, I had the urge to ask whether a baby with what appears to be a bona-fide penis at 20 weeks has ever come out a girl. I decided to keep that question to myself. Mandy later explained that he probably meant that in VERY RARE cases some babies are born with both male and female sexual characteristics. Okay. Hmmm. Should I worry about that too? That's going to make things awful confusing in kindergarten.

Anyway, he has all of his appendages--arms legs fingers and toes. He has a well-formed brain, heart and liver. He looks like he's going to have very long legs just like his momma.
He also, as this picture shows, appears to be blessed with a beautiful big nose like his daddy--AND his momma. Mandy and I are interested to see all the neat stuff like whose feet he's got and who he looks like, whose eyes he has and what color hair he ends up with. In all the years we tried and tried to concieve, all of the "treatments" and injections, the disappointment, the mourning... It all seemed to melt away as we watched our beautiful baby boy on that televison screen. Earlier today, I was thinking about that May afternoon that we sat on the beach at Edisto, convinced that the IVF hadn't worked, that we were back to square one. It was the longest drive of my life, that drive from Edisto to Atlanta. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach--repeatedly. Still, I hoped a tiny, teeny, miniscule little bit that it had worked. The next afternoon, we recieved the best news ever. The journey continues--and continues.

Anyway, we have a baby boy on the way and I am hoping I am up to the task of being the model dad. I can't help but worry I'll end up like Glenn in RAISING ARIZONA... The one who went in to adopt "...on account 'a sumpin went wrong with my semen." I'm sure I'll do great. Anyway, I thank God for this blessing.


Anonymous said...

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hyacinth said...

Aw James, you just made me cry! I am so so so so so happy for you and for Mandy and for your very lucky little boy -- y'all are going to be great parents.

Also, that is the clearest ultrasound pic I've ever seen! You can totally see his little face. He's adorable :-)

Aunt Marg said...

James--Believe it or not I of all people am at a loss for words. Will have to get back to you. All my love---Aunt Margaret

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! He is beautiful. Meera has a new playmate.

Marty said...

Another Sweet Baby James on the way! How can we be so blessed!
I can't wait to stench him up with my perfume the way I did you when I just sat and nuzzled all day long!
Love, Marty

Mark said...


I'm glad to hear and see that everything is going well with you, Mandy and the little Palmer. The most amazing thing is that the miracles just keep cominh!

blogalarm said...

Hi, James!
Sorry I've been so long responding--Swamp Fox is still in prepress and I'm doing school talks. I did, however, shake myself awake in the middle of the night, worrying about all the ways our grandson can hurt himself at our house, including the corner cabinet from Big Salley that I pulled over on myself when I was two...I had to get up and make a "babyproofing" list that runs about 3 notebook pages.
I've never seen a bettter ultrasound photo.
And you know, if "he" does turn out to be a girl--I've been calling her "Franny" for weeks now--so a healthy little PERSON is what will make us all happy. Yall are going to be great parents!
Love, mama

Ellie Hubbard said...

Hi Guys -
YEAH! We are so happy for you! Lexie prays "for the baby in Mandy's tummy" everynight! Now she will be praying for Leo!
Love, Ellie, Tom, Lexie and Tommy
PS-I pray you get a mellow boy!