Friday, September 09, 2005


I am not an editorial cartoonist but I play one on this blog. Geez... The devastation wrought by the hurricane and flood in New Orleans/Gulf coast is matched only by the devastation wrought by the spectacularly incompotent FEMA. It's saddening and horribly unfair... And don't think that we don't notice that the vast majority of the displaced are poor people of color.

Natural disasters happen. They just happen. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Floods. They are occasional reminders that we are merely stewards of our planet, not masters of it. Still, in the midst of such suffering at the hands of nature, shouldn't we take great comfort in a certain, swift response from our government? Shouldn't we EXPECT aid and comfort? Instead what we get is a lot of blame and "non-blaming" blaming. Political Leaders abdicating responsibility as they try and maintain a death grip on their job. It sickens me... Badly done.


Aunt Marg said...

James-i think it just went to show we are ill-prepared for a major disaster--which is a frightening thought. What if it had been a bomb in the same area with no time to warn anyone. Yes-it was everything you said and then some. The poor have always been the ones that suffer most. It is time to stop the blamegame and passing the buck--this was an eye opener for all of us--and remember the poor are seen by us each and every day--why wait til its too late to help them. There is enough blame to go around all of us everyday.

blogalarm said...

Great cartoon!! If there were any careers out there in political cartooning, I'd say you have a great future in cartooning.