Monday, September 12, 2005


In an effort to show a little more discipline in my daily life, I have decided I will post a blog entry a day whether I really have anything to say or not.

First, Mandy and I are going for an ultrasound this week to check on the progress of the baby. Of course, odds are that things will be totally fine and that we'll have a healthy boy/girl on the way. Still, the sinking feeling that things might not be okay--the nagging doubt, the gut-wrenching worst case scenarios... It's hard to ignore. Mandy and I have been waiting so long for a child. I just want everything to be okay--not perfect, just okay. A healthy baby and a healthy Mandy. Mandy is doing GREAT. She is eating everything in sight and starting to look like a pregnant woman. It's hard to imagine her NOT being pregnant! She has struggled a little bit with some indigestion, etc... Still, she is looking and feeling (mostly) great. I am hopelessly hopeful.

Creatively, work wise, I have just completed the book on Francis Marion. It should be out this October for sure. Since I've finished it, I can now focus on getting my portfolio out there. I have several idea of where I want to send my work. For the next couple of days, however, I am going to take some time to clean up my studio and relax a little. This book really did kick my ass! I really do need some time to regroup and look to horizon to see what else is out there!

Stay tuned!

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Lil' Myrt said...


You are much better than I am about writing in your blog every day. School and work is kicking my ass so I have yet to update my pathetic version of a blog.

I completely understand that you're scared about the baby having some sort of problem, etc. That's not unusual considering all that you both went through to get pregnant. However, I'll tell you the same thing I tell patients who come in for an HIV test, there's no need to worry until you have to.

I love you both very much and will be praying for a great ultrasound. Keep up the posts - maybe it'll inspire me to get to work!