Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Learning is indeed a hoot! I am trying to hone my chops a little by recreating screen-captures from films and other sources. This is of course from LAST OF THE MOHICHANS. I did this fairly quickly--about 30 minutes give or take. The idea is to get a solid feel for the palette and recreate it as best I can.

I am working on a series of illustrations about the American Revolution and I want them to be sort of realistic. Not TOTALLY realistic but a little bit realistic. I want the colors and the compositions to be a little more dramatic and grounded in something that the reader will identify with. Anyway, if anyone out there has any comments, ideas, suggestions, observations, etc... Please comment and let me know what you all think... NOTE: Screen captures are for reference ONLY. I do not intend to recreate a scene from MOHICHANS and put it into my own piece of work. THIS IS JUST AN EXERCISE!!


garth bruner said...

I'm very impressed. 30 minutes? I wouldn't spend a second more on it. I love the painterly look and spontaneity to it. Was this done in Painter, or Sketchbook?

Jared Chapman said...

Half an hour?! Your too stinkin' talented! Seriously, the stuff you posts blows my mind sometimes. This is a good example of one of those times.

James Palmer said...

Thanks for the comments y'all... 30 minutes is actually a lot longer than you think. Once you block in colors and complete some of the line work, the rest is just fine tuning. I've seen guys turn out masterpieces in a couple of minutes!

Garth-This was done in Photoshop actually. Sometimes I will create images in photoshop and then blend some of the colors in Painter.

Jared-Thanks man!! High praise indeed! I appreciate your comments--and from such an esteemed collegue :)