Wednesday, March 01, 2006


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I had the old sketchbook out last night while I was watching television. First we watched Days of Our Lives (I know, it's a cheesy soap, but what can one do?)... This is a sketch of Victor from Days. He has sort of a square shaped head. Check out some of the other sketches by clicking on the pic...

Sketching is a great way for me to keep those all important drawing skills honed and sharp. Somehow, though, my I always seem to prefer sketches to the finished illustration. What does that say about me as an illustrator? Huh...


Aunt Marg said...

james---you remind me of your uncle
pook. he has, through the years,
always liked his looser studies of eventual detailed paintings--
rather than the really detailed
work or "finished product" that he does. i think it has something to do with the enjoyment of the planning stages
and the looser studies give him so much more freedom. actually when
it comes right down to it the
really detailed paintings become more like a "job" when he does them and somehow that takes the enjoyment out of it. (if that makes sense--as i am purely the observer here and not the artist)

Jazzy Justin said...

I agree. Sometimes I add ink to a sketch and all the life goes away.