Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I was looking at some of Muybridge's books on animals in motion yesterday and was inspired to whip up this sketch. I could look at his work for hours and hours. These images have really been invaluable to me in my illustration work. As I try to maintain a certain amount of motion and drama in my work, Muybridge has been a great source of inspiration. Frederick Remington was also very much impressed by Muybridge's work photographing horses. His paintings and sculptures depicting western vignets with horses running in mid gallop had a sense of motion and drama never before seen in illustration, and reflect a great deal of Muybridge's influence. What we as sophisticated, twenty-first century viewers now take for granted--seeing horses and people in motion and realistically rendered, must have been incredibly difficult for an artist during Remington's day to capture. In watching the special features of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING DVD last night I was amazed at how detailed the work in animating the Mumakils (giant elepants) and CG horses was.
Anyway, as I ramble on, I am amazed at how far reaching the legacy of a pioneer like Edweard Muybridge is... And, if you haven't yet, make sure you see the extended DVD of RETURN OF THE KING. It rocks.


Anonymous said...

Good post man! I really like Remington's work and I would very much like to see the extended LOTR DVD.

Jared Chapman said...

Love your sketchbook drawing... are there plans in the works to share more of them with your faithful readers?

James Palmer said...

I plan to post a sketch or finished drawing a day. Mainly because it keeps me "in shape" and keeps the chops from gathering dust... Know what I mean?