Wednesday, December 08, 2004


This was one of the first pieces I did in Corel Painter, which is the one piece of software I just cannot live without. It doesn't replace the joys of painting on canvas--mixing paints and working over a large surface. Rather, it is a very efficient tool when creating illustrations quickly and without the mess. It does however help to have at least a rudimentary knowlege of the painting process. Setting up brushes in Painter takes some work and is really a necessary, however tedious, step.

I am fond of this image for several reasons, most especially because I am proud of the drawing. At the time, I really had dinosaurs on the brain and had been sketching and drawing these big T-Rex typ dinos when this guy sort of popped out. He is one of the velociraptor-esque dinosaurs--the kind with the sickle claw on the feet. He just looks like he could hop right off the screen.

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Jared Chapman said...

I like it too. Great drawing with solid contruction. It does look like it would leap off the page. You style lends itself to animation really well. It's a lot of fun to look at.