Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Here is a sketch of what I would like our Christmas card to be this year. It will, of course, be stricken by my wife. I'll probably just go ahead and do the regular caricature of the pets in a holiday setting--which is totally fine. My sense of humor is totally in the gutter, especially when it comes to hallowed holiday traditions. Something about Santa heeding the call of nature while delivering toys... I mean, it COULD happen. He's out all night, eating all of that rich holiday food. He obviously struggles with his weight--which is also an issue. You can't tell me that he doesn't make fast use of the facilities while he's at your house. My suggestion, forget the cookies. Make sure the bathroom is nice and clean for Santa on Christmas night.

I don't know... I might just send this card to people I know will appreciate my silly sense of humor.


hyacinth said...

look -- i registered here just so i could comment!

what about a picture of you & mandy hiding behind the door with santa getting ready to enter?

don't you love how the chick without an ounce of her own talent provides creative direction!

i like your new journal!

James Palmer said...

Thanks for the comment, but can I just say no? I no longer draw pictures of people I love except myself... That doesn't apply to animals however.

hyacinth said...

I understand.

Santa on the potty is funny. Santa smoking cigarettes is also funny. What about Santa deer hunting?

Jared Chapman said...

HA! I LOVE this! I can relate to your Christmas card dilemma. My wife usually has to approve stuff that I do as well... though I'm not sure why. I mean, I can only remember one inccident that I caused that resulted in public humilation... wait... I take that back. There have been dozens.
Thanks for visiting the blog!