Wednesday, April 19, 2006


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I was just going through some pictures to send to folks of Leo's baptism and I came across this picture of my mom with what appears to be, at least according to people who study this stuff, a ghost orb on her head. Apparently, spirits, ghosts, or entities will sometimes manifest themselves as an "orb" in photographs. Anyway, that's what I have read on some websites and seen on TV.

Now I am not sure really what to believe actually. Truthfully, it could be an errant speck of dust or some kind of moisture phenomenon. Who knows? I will say that this "orb" doesn't appear on any of the other pictures taken that day. It's also more than a little creepy that it seems to have settled right on my mom's head.

Our church is a hundred years old this year and is rumored to be haunted. This past fall, I volunteered to stay at the church overnight as we played host to some Katrina evacuees. One night as I was drifitng off to sleep, I did have a distinct feeling that someone was in the room with me and I bolted up awake. The feeling persisted for a little while and I had to leave the room. I walked around in the fellowship hall and got a soda. I read for a while and eventually drifted off to sleep... It did freak me out though.

I don't know, it's most likely a piece of fuzz that happened to float by. It is an old church as I said and prone to collect dust. It is fun to speculate though. I mean, I think about 99 percent of this stuff is bollox but you never know. As Hamlet says, "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy..." Indeed...


aunt amrg said...

james--i am pretty sure i know what that "orb" is around your mom-
at least what i prefer to think it is....i truly believe that
your granddaddy along with several others that have gone before us wanted to be part of the service.. they wanted to be there for Leo--- just as they watch over all us each day....nice thought anyway,huh?

Susan, yo mom in law said...

The white 'halo' represents a psitive
loving energy coming from your mother.
We all have auras, but it's special when
they are seen, especially white ones.
These are depicted in portraits of the
saints and are often seen around
people who are filled with love.txdoyv