Thursday, April 20, 2006


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Here is another image I did for self promotional purposes. It sort of illustrates how I feel at the moment with my work--somewhat detached and upside down with the world. Having a young child has changed my world view so much and I am really feeling like I want to crawl deeper and deeper into my creative self, that is, even as I play daddy. Also, I hate dealing with the reality of rejection. I sent a portfolio to Lucas Arts last month and just recieved a rejection via email. Email... What a way to get rejected. I am not even worth wasting paper and postage on. I get the form-written email that says "Thanks but no thanks..." Still, rejection is as much a part of what I do as drawing. I have to accept it and learn from it and move on. It is hard though... I tend to take it personally--probably because I invest so much of myself in my work. A couple of weeks ago, a friend who had previously said they wanted me to do some work for them decided to use someone else. I was actually shocked at how hurt I was. I mean, I know it wasn't personal or anything and I know it isn't like they hate my work. Still, my feelings were really hurt--I guess because it sort of hit me where I live. My ego is most tender and vulnerable when it comes to my work.

But, as I said, you move on... Now I am working on a bigger, more comprehensive portfolio which is going to KILL!!! And if it doesn't, I just gotta keep drawing--keep going.

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aunt marg said...

james---if it means anything---we sent out packets with uncle pook's newest book years ago(don't remember what idea or product we were selling the publishers on at the time)but the point is, the publishers not only sent the books and info back with a form letter , they sent them back unopened!!!! they didn't even have the decency to pretend to have viewed his work. i got to where i would not even tell him when one would come was most discouraging for him...but not for to keep on keeping on in this business. keep looking for new outlets for your work and never ever grow dependent on one company or one publisher for majority of your work...never know when they might move on to someone else or to something all together different. you must know it is not your work--it is just not what they want at that time ... also don't remove the business from mailing list as possible contacts or possible prospects in future.. all businesses go through alot of changes--including the personnel--so you may not even deal with the same person or department each time....hang in there and keep on keeping on....keep that prospect mailing list growing!!!!! update contacts at businesses whenever possible......