Thursday, February 16, 2006


"It's not the years honey... It's the mileage."

My body is falling apart.

First, I am due to have a camera stuck up my bum on the 21st of March. That gives me a little over a month to totally freak out... I hear the prep work for a colonoscopy is a real blast too! Can't wait!

And now, based on my last urinalysis, I have some protein in my pee so now my doctor wants me to do a 24 hour collect to make sure my kidneys aren't doing something they aren't supposed to be doing. I had a kidney stone about three years ago... Maybe the fuckers are making more rocks for me to discover later!

I am not the physical specimen I would like to be that's for sure. I had some friends tell me about a month ago that, in spite of how heavy I was, I sure didn't look it. Sort of like, "Geez James. In spite of being a total fatass, you still look okay..." I snore now, which I never did before. I have to get into shape. I don't need to look like Brad Pitt--or even that Eric Bana guy, I just want to loose a little around the middle. I'd love to get back down to 185. That was a good weight for me. Really, I just want to be healthy. Sheesh...


Lil' Myrt said...

Hey James,

Remember my cancer scare?? I went in the hospital with a badly sprained ankle and out with a possible bone tumor! It turned out to be a great big ol' nothin'. I understand your concern, but Margaret is right, you need to really enjoy all that you have right now, and your health problems could most likely be a direct result of not getting enough sleep, worrying about Leo, etc... Your life has changed so drastically in just a couple of months and even thought it's been a wonderful blessing, it is also stressful.

I'll bet Mandy feels like she has two children to take care of!! Ha, ha!

Take care and give Many and Leo my love,

Lil' sista,


aunt marg said...

hi Jamezee---sorry you have been feeling bad--if you look a bit like the sketch you did a couple of blogs ago--maybe a little diet and exercise couldn't hurt? i know i know, i am one to talk---but i do know it will make you feel better. don't let it get too far out of hand like i have...i was going outside a few days ago and fell out the back door and am so "out of shape" (to say the least) that i couldn't stop my momentum---i just kept going--seemed to take forever to land...the scary thing is i fell like a drunk would and just broke all items in my path and i hurt absolutely nothing on myself. i also did the same thing in the house and nearly flattened the dog!! i am now on a diet and am trying to get a little exercise and most important of all i am really trying to get some regular sleep...(that isn't working yet)
it is scary when you feel your body is betraying you---but don't let it control you---take control of it. you are such a hoot james. i can just see and hear you front of the mirror...wondering when did this happen???? welcome to the real world!!!! love ya lots--aunt marg

Alessandro_PPG said...

Beautiful blog! Congratulations!