Monday, September 10, 2007


I am happily posting again! I have been so busy with a big promo push, getting ready to update the website etc... So I haven't really had the time to devote to the cool stuff.

Anyway, I fired off this sketch today between deadline crusnches. It's not really a good likeness of me but this is sort of how I see myself these days... I really need to get into the gym.


estherc said...

great piece, i like the way you shaded it in. super-cool ;)

Scott said...

Great piece and idea. Nice line work. Your Trip to the Zoo illustration is great also.
I like the angle and all of the details and little touches. I checked out your website and all of your work is great.

arxo said...

hehehe, cool !

stilos said...

Hi James!
Nice take on this one...i had something similar in mind but i continued with my "Forest" concept.
Thank you for your comment!
I like that painterly style of your illustrations!

Giles Timms said...

Great image and cool concept!

EC (Lisa) Stewart said...

This is great. I know several people that when I talk to them, I can hear the running hamsters in their head.

Nice job.