Wednesday, December 28, 2005


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Hey y'all! So sorry I haven't been posting these days but, you see, our son Leo decided to come two months early--I guess the tax deduction was really important to him! Anyway, Please check back often and I'll be updating everyone on what's going on!!


Aunt Marg said...

Welcome Leo!!!!! Congrats to Mandy and you, James, and to all of us!! There is no telling what he will acomplish with his life--he can't miss with ya'll as his parents. I photo printed that picture for his GreatGrandmother--whom I like to call Great Big Salley!!Leo has already taken us on a wild ride and I look forward to many wild rides to come. Can't wait to meet and greet him....Aunt Marg

Allan L. said...

Congrats, man! Awesome!

Ward Jenkins said...

Big belated congratulations to you from me, James! Here's to a great and wonderful life for Leo. Way to go, guys!

Miras said...

Lot of happines and good, long life to Leo!
I know the joy myself...

And by the way; good work you're showing here, very good.