Friday, August 12, 2005


As the news out of Iraq has gotten worse and worse in the last week, I was compelled to create this editorial cartoon/comment... This cartoon is a homage to a cartoon by Jeff MacNelly from 1972 where he had the words NIXON with the "O" as the drain...

Obviously, I am, and have been, opposed to the war in Iraq. I feel as though we were bullied and misled into the war--not for purposes of national security but to fulfill some ill-concieved neo-conservative global agenda. Mostly, I feel achingly sad for the service men and women--particularly the soldiers and marines, who are there fighting and dying. It's just beyond sad--tragic.


Lil' Myrt said...


I hear ya. It's difficult to even think about it anymore... Bush called an end to major combat over TWO years ago and yet we are fighting the bloodiest combat right now. The news coverage from Iraq is less now than when the war started yet we are seeing the most casualties because our administration was not prepared for a lengthy war. I saw a tape recently of Rumsfeld talking with soldiers before the war. He said that the war could last six days, six weeks, or (he doubted) six months. It's upsetting for us to know that innocent men and women in uniform are being killed because of an agenda.


blogalarm said...

Welcome to Vietnam.

marg said...

James-This is a most disturbing war.I can't get Pres. Bush's image out of my mind getting off the helicopter in the flight jacket of our fine fighting men and women. I believe that Pr. Bush is being a bully to the American public by not pulling out. How dare the public--whom he serves??--not agree with him! He'll show us---he's showing us alright while our innocent young men and women are paying the ultimate price.